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city attorney and is planning commissioner secretary. that file doesn't make any difference what is sufficient so continue the sierra club and when they participated in every step of the way. i ask you to continue it.
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thank you. thank you. any further public comment >> thank you commissioner on behalf of the 1 hundred henry adams. we would request that you not fine those items. we ask for a continuance for the sierra club received the letter and i would request that i not continue this matter to go forward. thank you. any further public comment. seeing none we'll continue. move items 1, 2, 3 at the dates indicated. commissioners on that motion to
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continue commissioner borden, commissioner si good and commissioner wu >> i. that motion passes 5 to zero. and places you under your content clarld. all content calendar. there will about no further items considered. item 4 case no. 420 at 17 va la street. and case no. at 369 third
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street. and next item at 2:30 there 2:30 hermann street for the condominium conversions. speaker i do have one card. johnson you >> this is automatically pull it. and secretary should we pull it and hear it at the beginning of calendar >> if you want to pull it go ahead. >> i live in the rich monday sdrith and i have noticed that about this residential area
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(inaudible) i'm very concerned about in the richmond sdrith to 12 after you have 16 massage permit. >> sir, if you want to speak on this you have to take it off the calendar. >> i can't speak today? >> if you request to have to be removed and heard - in terms of. >> it's been approved and no, it hasn't been removed. when we have it on calendar you can come up and speak and i appreciate it >> sir, we'll hear the item at the beginning of the regular
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calendar it will come before item 11. >> it's a procedural matter. >> i apologize and it can be confusing. commissioner anthony >> in that case i would move to approve items 4 and 6. >> icon sent. >> commissioners on that motion to approve calendar 4 and 6 commissioner anthony. >> i. and commissioners chair wu >> i. >> so commissioners that moves for principle of law and item 5 will be heard at the beginning
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of the next calendar. >> we'll place number 7 draft minutes for january 13th. any public comment on this item. seeing none closed >> commissioner anthony. >> yeah. i commenced the individual captain and it's misspelled. and with that correction i would move to approve >> second. >> on the motion to adopt the minutes and. >> commissioner moore and i and commissioner chair wu. >> it passes.
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>> commissioner anthony. >> yeah. a few items in regards it the secretary subcommittee we met yesterday and we'll be meeting again next wednesday and we're having 0 some input on a few areas. we have a substance material expert who is analysising these >> and what that step is finished and the subcommittee has approved some of it we will begin to post the job position and it will be posted for thirty to 35 days. i would like to ask that it be
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calendared. >> sounds like a good idea. >> and i have a couple of other comments. article in today's chronicle >> areas in the sunset this deals with a number of houses where the lawns or great areas in front of the houses have been pasted over because the owners don't want to put the effort into maintaining them. this is not allowed and they did make references to this. we didn't have the funding to
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release this but i will support or at least identify some of violations of the home owners. but there have been a number of these that have been eliminates. i did mention in 1965 was a beautiful autumn day. i was driving there the area and i was stopped to do some shopping. i thought it was such a nice day i drove out on combaery avenue.
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they were so well maintained and they all had their areas of lawns in front of the houses. i think it's a shame this is a start up area and they should be reserved for single-family homes >> and this is one of the symptoms you'll see with the payoff over and we went to the
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golden gate and to market street and we were impressed with the crowds who were relating to the opening of the jazz center challenged of changed the area to make it much more inviting to be there. if we can develop those areas in a positive way especially night time activities this is a sign of good things to come >> in the latter part of last weeks we heard a - i was
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probably too tired there was no feedback to this issue. i would ask that we bring back the lady who spoke about this project and how we can help with commenting open development to release a larger picture. i think it's a lost opportunity where we should really be involved. i think we can develop further policy and future good things.
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what was missing really is we didn't have a handout we were just sitting there >> frankly i was tired. thank you. commissioner. >> yes could we have a little feedback about closing the ramps on 380. >> yes. i assume something like that will come forward by maybe a little bit more information than what was in the paper. >> and secondly, in the paper the america's cup is going to be sponsored by whatever planet it is called - live nation.
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and occasional activity on the - >> we can xhirm the activities there. >> i wanted to bring up, i believe this monday there's going to be a hearing about land use and condominium conversion. we had it on our calendar today that's where the 4 and 5 or 5 and 4 conversions come through. who ending forces the code and highway are we verifying i believe in the case where the renter is offered a lifetime
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lease. how are we verifying all of that >> yes in regards to the comments of commissioner i would be supporting it and bringing it back. those same features are attractive and not only sustainable. as follow-up to your own comments commissioner >> i said to speak about that there was an additional discussion this morning that the
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- we often review the current legislation that helps us to get caught with all the issues and i did have the question of whether this project is a tenant issue. i would like to have a refresher on the laws how we're supposed to use them >> item 9 directors announcements. >> good afternoon two announcements. 2 new street projects. one was in the castro between the sidewalk improvements and we
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actually have for pedestrian traffic between castro and often called the persian triangle. it is a long-standing desire of the public to make a better project there. those were projects that were identified from the street bond that was passed in 2012 and that bond did have a small pot of money for street improvements. we'll be able to move forward. i should announce to the commission that i'm speaking on
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the boards recently record and that's tuesday night at spur. and that concludes my speech >> board of appeals and historic commission. >> okay. let's did he ever the discussion for later in the calendar. >> okay commissioners that will not to exceed 15 minutes but the public may address this agenda item. this is your opportunity to address the commission specifically on item 12 for the
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street project. with respect to all other items your opportunity will address the members of the commission for up to 3 minutes >> is there any general public comments? >> excuse me. sue von and linda. >> good afternoon commissioners and i'm representing the sierra club and i'm asking you to have the items 14 b.
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i supplied comments to the planning department and to you commissioners regarding the proposed development. i have them here and i didn't receive any notification of this hearing today. and it turns out that the - and i did say that i wanted those - that notification to be sent to my home. the sierra club second street is our headquartered. we're allowed to met at that headquarters. there are some volunteers that meet there but most of us are volunteers and we do our work
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from home. we study all our documents at home and i included my personal address in this letter - 34 or 5 page letter on notes. i did not get the i r hearing. i got a link to it from a planner. there is no way i have to even read the comments to my letter so i'm asking you you possess o postpone those items there 12. and i also noticed that i opposed up my mail and there was

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